It is truly an honour and a privilege each and every time I am able to guide students through their practice.

Scroll down to read what my students say about their Natalie PW Yoga experience:

14137803_10154432991219813_1703026209_n“Natalie is a wonderful yoga teacher who truly loves to connect with her students. She has such a gentle energy and you leave class feeling ahh-mazing! I look forward to any workshops or events she puts on because I know it will be soul-filled as everything she does is done with sincere mindfulness!”
November 2016

“I started practicing yoga about 3 years ago and am fairly regular in practicing. Like with anything,
there are instructors that I connect with more than others. Natalie is one of the instructors that I connect with.

Natalie has the most soothing voice that is perfect for relaxing and settling into your breath. She is then able to guide you through a practice that seems to always be aligned with what the class needs. She adapts each class by reading the energy that we all bring and guides us through a practice that is always different. Natalie also goes out of her way to speak with each of us so that she can get to know 1607073_10153595170235829_6027998154817058013_nus. During class she demonstrates poses but spends most of her time helping us settle into the pose properly, either through cues or by making adjustments. She will also come extra early to the studio to prepare cloths infused with scented oils and provide a soothing neck rub at the end of class.
I think the thing that I love most about Natalie’s classes is, is her warm spirit. It’s obvious that she wants to be there. She loves yoga and enjoys guiding us through our own practice. I can honestly say that she is a huge reason that I make it to 6am classes !”
September 2016

“I was privileged to have Natalie guide me through a delightful slow flow private yoga class the morning of my wedding. HerMR&MRS_231015-163 calm, soothing voice and energy were exactly what I needed to start my day off right! Natalie is a gifted and knowledgeable teacher who successfully integrates a focus on pose alignment with meditation and breath work during her classes. She provided me with lots of options and modifications for poses as well as adjustments.  I would recommend a private session with her to anyone looking to slow down, connect with their breath and release stress.  I am so grateful for the time we spent together and the difference it made in my entire day 🙂 ”

Carolyn C.
October 2015 – Private wedding day yoga session



“Natalie is such a versatile and skillful teacher. She has an amazing ability to help you relax and let go of stress and tension – and she can also kick your butt in a flow class. Her passion and dedication for yoga shines through in her classes – each is a little different providing variety while still maintaining her calming and supportive vibe. You definitely need to check her out!”

Jennifer D.
April 2016