About ME!

Feeling anxious, agitated and lost, I first came to my yoga mat in 2007.  My exploration of the practice and principles of Yoga continue to provide me with all of the tools I need to live a more present, vibrant and fulfilling life.   Drawn to pranayama, meditation and a gentle approach to asana; I find the quieter, more contemplative practices to be the most transformative.

As a student of Yoga, my life is constantly being transformed in ways I would never have imagined possible. As a teacher, I am honoured to share my experiences and support others as they infuse yoga into their  lives.  My classes are shared from my heart to yours, inspired by personal life experiences, teachers, mentors, students, friends and family.

Expect to leave my classes feeling rejuvenated and inspired.  As you breathe, move and meditate you will be encouraged to find your own flow, honouring what YOU need in each moment.  I strongly believe that this safe and supportive style of teaching allows you to delve deeper into your practice, to build your own “Yoga tool box” and ultimately begin to lead a more present, vibrant and fulfilling life.

Teaching Styles

  • Hatha
  • Yin
  • Restorative
  • Yoga Nidra
  • Meditation

Teacher Trainings